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Advice from a wife on using a VED...


[Jack wrote...]

My experience so far, is that the pump is no panacea, and is mainly good for exercise and not very good for a social interaction with a living warm blooded female who is expecting some heavy duty penetration.

[Wendy replied...]

The VED is an excellent ED treatment option for some folks. My husband used the VED successfully for 2 1/2 years before he had the penile implant. I was completely satisfied with the VED produced erection. My hub tried the injections and just could not get past the smell of the alcohol wipe. It also did not produce a workable erection at six varying doses. For those who can't use the injections, the VED is another good option. My husband had extremely rigid VED induced erections that allowed us to have heavy duty penetration.

He took his time with the VED and learned how to perfect it's use after two weeks of practice. He was able to produce rock hard erections that led to very satisfying intercourse.

Good luck,
[written 12/02/00]

[The views expressed are not medical advice but merely the opinions of others. Consult your physician for medical advice.]


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