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On using a VED...


[replying to G's post 5/22/00]

I purchased the Rejoyn unit about 3 months ago from a Rite Aid store, (I am 5 months post RRP). Have had minimal success with it up until now. Have found the constriction rings difficult to use and have never really had a satisfactory "member" until now. Using the KY produced the same results that you had and was unsatisfactory, until now.

So why do I keep saying "until now"? Well, after reading your post yesterday about the shaving cream, I was intrigued. Shaving cream is water based, is foamy and slippery, so why not? Why not, indeed. It even smells good. This morning after everyone departed the house, I decided to give it a try. Took out the Pump and the Shaving Cream and went to work, (or play, as it may be), without the use of the constriction rings. Just wanted to exercise the old boy and see if he could still grow beyond his puny little shy embarrassed self.

To cut to the quick, I WAS AMAZED. The Shaving Cream worked great and the Vacuum seemed improved. I used the pump up, release a little, pump again method and before long, (that's not a pun), the old boy grew in glory. As a matter of fact, I too gained about an inch from the old days. Nearly filled the tube. Every time I took it out for a look-see, (the downside to the shaving cream is you can't see what's going on in the tube),I had a smile from ear to ear. What a Rush.

When my fifteen minute workout, (actually playtime), was over the old boy just hung out there, refusing to deflate. (Usually, there would be an immediate collapse). During the entire time needed to wash up everything and put it away, little Ray, (actually Big Ray), just hung out and gradually went into submission over a fifteen minute period.

Now, I don't know how much all this had to do with the Shaving Cream, or the fact that I haven't used the Pump in about two weeks, or a combination of the two, but I do know that I tried 100mg of Viagra Friday night and the old boy didn't even notice it. Next thing I want to look at is the Mission Pharmacal Soft Touch Constriction ring mentioned by _______.

If I am rambling on a little please forgive. I have just had one of those rare moments in the progress of this disease that is positively exhilarating. Lets keep this string going and see if we can produce some more helpful knowledge.

Another WARRIOR,
Ray O'Neill
[written 5/22/00]

[Read the response.]

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