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Using a VED...


[written 5/00]

I purchased a non-prescription VED from Walgreen's for $125, a Rejoyn single unit type. Appears to be good quality, pulls a pretty strong vacuum, is relatively easy to use. Unfortunately not giving the type results that I expected at all.

First of all, I have been partially impotent from seeds in February. Can get a fair erection, but not like before. If I wait at least a week between sexual intercourse and in the morning and speed up the foreplay, can maintain an erection sufficient for intercourse. Viagra at 25 mg works pretty well if I'm not uptight and stomach is empty and I don't know what other variable. Surprisingly, have had better success with 25 mg than with 50. No success at all with 75 on two tries and have not tried 100.

I purchased the VED for two purposes. (1) for exercise since I no longer have nocturnal erections except for rare events and (2) as a replacement for Viagra because I just don't like taking any medicine long term if not absolutely necessary.

Let me point out that my two attempts at using the VED were without any type of sexual motivation. Just testing the equipment!

For the first day, I started out without the constricting ring. Tried it without the KY jelly and that didn't work. Lubricated the base and proceeded to pump up. The poor "guy" stuck to the side of the tube and began to bend as the vacuum was applied. Reread the manual and jellied everything ... base, tube and penis ... what a mess. At about 7 pumps, the vacuum pump seemed to be maxed out ... hard to operate the handle. I had a chubby, but no more than 50-75% of normal erect size. Released the vacuum and was very surprised to completely deflate. As I have gotten older, I have found that my erections last longer and longer after orgasm ... something to do with the outlet valve I guess. But this was immediate.

Tried a few more times, pumping fast, pumping slow, pumping very slow. Pretty much the same results with no more than 75% of size.

Tried the rings. A and B sizes were two large. I lost the chubby immediately. Tried the C and it held the chubby but no way that it was sufficient for intercourse. Gave up for the night.

I read on this forum that someone suggested substituting shaving cream for the messy jelly to hold seal. For the second night, I tried this. But I lathered up the base, the inside of the tube and my penis. Had suds everywhere. This helped with the sticking to the side problem for the most part. Practiced different pumping rates. Whenever stickage occurred, released some of the pressure and then repumped. Low and behold, I was able to fill about 7 inches of the 7 3/4 inch tube - a full inch above my normal 6 inch erection. Am guessing that I probably had more than my penis pulled into the tube and there was a little pain, although no bruising. The shaving cream seal worked but not perfectly ... found that the vacuum (and size) would diminish slowly when I stopped pumping. Again, the erection disappeared rapidly when the pressure was released. Its almost like my penis was filled with air and not blood. And while the size was there, the penis just did not look hard through the glass tube. Did not try the constriction rings this time.

Encouraged somewhat by the better results on the second night, so I guess I will practice some more. According to the Rejoyn box, they have 98% satisfaction. No way, Jose.

Any veterans have any suggestions?

[name deleted]

[G got advice and better success. Read on.]

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