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Personal Experiences


(For his first report, click here.)

A few weeks ago, I decided that Viagra was just not cutting it for me and scheduled a visit to an ED Specialist. When I reported after my first visit, he injected me with 0.2 ml of bi-mix (30 mg Papaverine, 1 mg Phentolamine). Within 5-7 minutes, I had the best erection since my radiation treatment 15 months earlier. The doctor was concerned (and office hours were near at hand) and after one hour, he gave me a shot of 1% Phenylephrine solution to end the erection.

Fifteen minutes later, he gave me a second dose of antidote and this did the job. That night, about 5-6 hours after the injection, I took 25 mg of Viagra, half my normal dose, and had a great erection and great sex. This was followed by a good nocturnal erection.

For the next week, I took a nightly dose of 25 mg of Viagra and usually woke with a good erection in the morning, something that I rarely have these days without the combination of 50 mg of Viagra AND sex and that is hit or miss. On the 6th night, I took 25 mg of Viagra and had sex, but the erection was not what it was a week earlier, more like what I was getting prior to the first injection. Either the residual effect of the injection or the confidence were wearing off and I was back to square one.

In discussions with the uro about my week's experience, he said that some individuals, after injecting for awhile, will find that they do not need an injection every time, and the rare individual, maybe 6% or so, will recover completely. He told me that my chances for a full recovery were not good. I can still hope.

This visit, I was to self-administer the injection, and I was to use half as much or 0.1 ml. My uro really seems to put a lot of importance on an erection not to exceed one hour. I wouldn't mind a marathon now and then.

Now, I'm the kinda guy who closes his eyes at the movies if I know there is going to be a bloody scene and I always turn my head when the nurse sticks me with a needle. So, it was with some trepidation that I stuck myself with that 1/2 inch, 27.5 gage needle in my most prized possession. Surprise! The self-administered shot was completely painless, unlike the previous week's injection by the uro, which was not bad, but also not free of pain. I was planning to ask about an autoinjector but after this first, painless shot decided that it would not be needed.

At zero plus 9 minutes, the flag was flying at half-mast, a bit slower on the rise than before. Unfortunately, that was it and it slowly went downhill from there. It so happens that the uro keeps a ruler in his treatment room and a quick measurement told me that the peak this time was a good: 1-1.5 inches shorter than the 0.2 ml shot, which was (as far as I can remember) back to the same dimension of 40-45 years ago when I was doing that sort of thing. By the time the uro returned at the 20-minute mark, I had already dressed. I left the uro's office with a prescription for 10 mls of bi-mix ($98) and a supply of needles. My instructions are to increase the dosage slowly in increments of 0.025 mls until I find the right amount. After a month of use, I'm to return for a liver check.

His instructions on the injections were somewhat different than I had read. (1) He says that the injection can be made all along the length of the shaft, not just the bottom third and the entire shaft should be used to minimize scarring. And (2) I can shoot up everyday, not 2-3 times per week as I had read elsewhere. That is, provided I wait 24 hours between injections. Hey, I like this guy. I can't wait to test drive on a real track.


PS: Last night, we put the new medicine to good use. Used 0.125 ml. With the benefit of foreplay, the erection arrived very fast. Not quite the strength of the office test with 0.200 ml but still very good. My wife and I were looking forward to extended foreplay like the old days, but new habits and some apprehension prompted us to speed things along. Everything felt normal. I ejaculated at the 15-minute mark. Continued for another 10 minutes or so, but unfortunately my wife was unable.

At about 30 minutes, I noticed the erection beginning to subside. At 45 minutes, the flag was at half-mast and this is where it stayed. At 75 minutes, I began to take Sudafed. Took 3 over the next 30-45 minutes.

Finally, at two hours, begin to see some droop and went to sleep at 2 1/2 hours. Woke up at 4 hours, still with a somewhat cold chubby. I'd like to up the dose a bit and try for that diamond cutter of old, but will have to check with the doc first about these extended, semi-erections.

If you are not happy with your current situation and have not tried the injections, I whole-heartedly recommend them. The needle is really quite painless. The whole procedure takes about 5 minutes.


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