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Personal Experiences


I had radiation 15 months ago and loss of potency was immediate. Have been struggling with Viagra.

For awhile, there was improvement. At about the 8-month mark, I was using 12.5 mg and thinking that I would be able to discontinue Viagra use in the near future. Since then, there has been a steady decline. Now I'm up to 50 mg with marginal erections. Higher doses increase the side effects like stuffy nose and drowsiness but the higher dose does not help with erections. In fact, erections seem to decline with the higher dose.

Viagra has made sexual intercourse possible but just not what it used to be. Because of the weak and uncertain erections, intercourse has become a race to ejaculate before the erection subsides. So, I decided to give injections a try.

The ED specialist injected me with 0.2 ml of bi-mix: 30 mg Papaverine, 1 mg Phentolamine. On questioning, he described that as a low to medium dose rate. There was some needle pain. (He uses 27.5 gage needles and does not prescribe the smaller needles because of experience with breakage.) Luckily, there was no pain from the medication. Doc says that injections are successful about 85% of the time. Says also that the medication pain is most often from the PGE1, which he did not include in my first dose.

Within 5-7 minutes, I had a rigid erection that was equal to pretreatment erections. A few minutes later, the doctor reappeared and said that there might be a problem: too rigid and too fast. Because I live 2 hours from the doctor's office, he said that I could not leave with an erection. He said that I would need to stay for another hour and he would give me an antidote to break the erection if it had not subsided by itself. The fact that it was late in the day may have had some bearing on this.

At the one-hour mark, the erection was as firm as ever and the doc injected me with a 1% Phenylephrine solution. This medication is not provided to patients for self administration because of the dangers of over use, e.g., sky high blood pressure.

At the 1 hour and 20 minute mark, there had still been no loss of erection, so he gave me a second shot of anti-dote. This time it worked and within 5 minutes, I was at the chubby stage.

I asked the doc about home remedies that I had seen on the Internet, like ice packs and Sudafed. He said that ice packs were definitely the wrong way to go, but I did not hear the reason. He said that Sudafed sometimes works but the problem with Sudafed is that you take a tablet, roll over and go to sleep and 8 hours later you wake up with the same erection and that would be the last erection that you ever have. He definitely scared me about prolonged erections.

Next week, I go back to demonstrate that I can give an injection. This time with 0.1 ml. I'm a little leery of doing the injections, especially since the next injection will be on the left side, but I guess it is something that can be done.

Doc says a 10 ml vial of bi-mix will be about $90 and that I will get 100 injections at the 0.1 ml dose rate.

To celebrate success, I used 25 mg of Viagra last night and had a great erection and woke up with a good erection this morning. Don't know if it was psychological or the residual bi-mix. Anyway, it felt good.

(May 2001)

(To read his followup report, click here.)


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