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a selection from:

Man to Man: Surviving Prostate Cancer by Michael Korda
continuing Part IV - Recovery

Page 249 - (go to page 248)

He examined my penis critically. ''You've already got a certain amount of atrophy,'' he said. ''We need to do a further test to measure the blood flow to the penis.''

''Does that involve another injection?''

Dr. Eid rolled his eyes. ''Yes,'' he said firmly, not apparently in a mood to sugarcoat the pill this time. ''But it has to be done. Make an appointment with my secretary, please.''

He rose to leave, but I called him back. ''You're sure it will go down?'' I asked, feeling a little guilty — after all, the man had promised me an erection, I had one, and now all I wanted was to get rid of it — but the fact was that it still ached and, until it subsided, I couldn't get dressed.

''Fifteen minutes, half an hour. If it doesn't, tell the nurse when she comes for you.''

In about twenty minutes, the erection had subsided.

The nurse arrived and, once I was dressed, conducted me into a small office where a television set waited for me, so I could watch a half-hour video on sex aids in which well-groomed men and women with blow-dried hair, mostly of a certain age, described their satisfaction with one or another of the devices Dr. Eid and I had discussed.

I felt curiously relieved and cheerful as I walked over to First Avenue and entered a coffee shop. There was a row of magazines on the wall. I discreetly averted my eyes from Penthouse and Playboy, and bought a copy of The New York Times — an anaphrodisiac if ever there was one. Over coffee and a bagel, I mulled over my experience. It had not left me downhearted — on the contrary, I felt a good deal of admiration for Dr. Eid. He had put to rest any fears I might have had about permanent impotence. If I chose to take advantage of them, the means existed to achieve an erection. Dr. Eid had agreed, albeit with some reluctance, that it would do no harm to at least try the vacuum pump, if only as a way of preventing further atrophy. Eventually, if the problem persisted, I could pursue one of his more permanent solutions. It was up to me.

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