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Man to Man: Surviving Prostate Cancer by Michael Korda
continuing Part II - Surgery

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Such questions as these are normal; prostate cancer by definition touches what is likely to be the most sensitive part of any marriage — the sexual relationship — and in the weeks before the surgery, if you are taking the surgical route, there are going to be a lot of strong emotions going on under the surface. Some men may feel a regret for opportunities they turned down; while both women and men alike may wonder what will become of the marriage if the man loses his potency. Blame, fear, mixed emotions, regrets — it is important to recognize that all these are legitimate feelings in the face of something that is certainly going to change your life, either temporarily or permanently. There is a value to smiling through it bravely — the famous stiff upper lip — but that should not preclude a couple's ability to face all this emotional distress squarely. At the very least, there ought to be some discussion of the issue of impotence, which is the thing that most men are afraid of (death tends to run a close second). Not talking about the possibility is a mistake.

In my case, I made sure that Margaret read all the material about impotence in the books I had found, however reluctant she was to do so. We naturally hoped this would not be the outcome, but at least we knew and understood what could be done about it if it did happen, as well as what would be acceptable to both of us in the way of sexual aids (about which, more later). Once you've talked about it frankly with your partner, you can put the possibility of impotence in the back of your mind, rather than letting it become an obsession.

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