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Help and Support

What Cancer Cannot Do
are some important words for every cancer patient
US Clinics and Centers
a list of US-based prostate cancer clinics and clinical centers with web sites which offer additional information
Prostate cancer: FAQs
is the place for answers to common questions
The Prostate Problems Mailing List and SeedPods
are on-line discussion and help systems with hundreds of members
Talking with your physician(s)
addresses important aspects of working well with your doctors
The Circle mailing list and web site
are on-line forums intended primarily for wives, family members and
significant others of patients affected by prostate cancer
Prostate cancer support organizations
are often helpful for many people
Physicians experienced in the treatment of prostate cancer
can help you get the best of care

The content in this section of the Phoenix 5 site was originally developed by CoMed Communications (a Vox Medica company) as part of The Prostate Cancer InfoLink. It is reproduced here with the permission of Vox Medica.

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