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Advice from a wife on using a VED...


[A man wrote...]

So far, I can get a rock hard one while doing the pumping, but when I go to put the ring on, I lose part of it, and this just isn't satisfactory. I need more practice I guess.

[Wendy replied...]

When do you use the VED? My husband and I prepared it before sex play and set it aside. We then did normal foreplay. When we were ready for penetration, he would take the 30 seconds or so to make an erection.

If you have a rock hard one and then loose it when putting on the rings then you are somehow breaking the seal or may need to use a tighter ring. It is also possible to do another pump or two after the penis is banded. If the erection is not firm enough after putting on the band--then put the cylinder back on a try another pump or two. I would suggest practicing in private for a few days -- this is how he perfected the use of VED. He almost gave up but then realized that he was not pumping long enough and had to change the size band that he was using.

If your penis is turning blue then maybe you are pumping up to soon. Go ahead with normal foreplay and wait to pump until right before penetration is needed. I don't know about you - but after sufficient foreplay--intercourse doesn't last very long - certainly not 20 minutes. My husband probably had the band on an average of 4-6 minutes and never had a blue penis.

Good luck,
[written 12/02/00]

[The views expressed are not medical advice but merely the opinions of others. Consult your physician for medical advice.]


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