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Advice from a wife on using a VED...


[A man wrote...]

I've got the VED down pat now. Just need to figure out what to do with that loose hinge it is attached to. Will have to do some position experiments.

[Wendy replied...]

This is a good point that you brought "up." Before Bill got the penile implant and we were using the VED--we found that we could no longer do missionary position. Bill had no feeling what-so-ever in the missionary position and because I have a tipped pelvis and uterus--it was very different to get entry from this position. Prior to the VED erection--and now with the penile implant that position is possible.

We had to experiment on positions with the VED erection. Luckily, we had always enjoyed a variety of positions so we adapted easily.You may find that with the "loose hinge" that back entry (doggy) may work well. Just keep experimenting and you will find what works best for you.

Good luck,
[written 5/23/00]

[The views expressed are not medical advice but merely the opinions of others. Consult your physician for medical advice.]


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