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On using a VED...


[A man wrote...]

So far, I can get a rock hard one while doing the pumping, but when I go to put the ring on, I lose part of it, and this just isn't satisfactory.

[Ralph responds...]

There may be another possibility. Put the ring on first; then pump. That is the sequence that Mission Pharmacal suggests when using their SofTouch constriction seal. As I understand it, the blood enters the penis deeper inside than the veins through which it leaves the penis. So the seal or ring restricts outflow more than inflow.

I've lost track of it, but I once came upon a place on the internet that sells rings but no pumps. The procedure that they promote is to put the ring on and then stroke forward on the underside of the penis starting back near the anus and up to the ring. They claimed that you could force enough blood into the penis that way to achieve an erection. I tried it once with no success; but there are a lot of these things that take some experimentation and practice to do right.

[NOTE: When Ralph gave his okay to use this, he added the following...]

Actually, I should have included or said instead that that site promotes using rings without a pump, which matches what they sell. The SofTouch seal has been a major advantage of the Mission line; and initially they would not sell the seal separately unless one were registered with them as having bought their pump. But Aubrey has since posted that they will now sell it separately. Mission's pumps come with SofTouch and more conventional rings.

All comments that I have seen on the SofTouch have been positive with one exception. I lent my pump, seals and rings to a friend in our area some time after his RRP. He said the SofTouch was too tight. There is only one size, I think; but it is somewhat softer and more elastic than the rings, in my estimation.

The SofTouch is a Neoprene (I think) disc about 3 inches in diameter with a half inch (or so) tube about a half inch in diameter protruding to one side in the center of the disc. Using the adapter and cylinder of the pump set, one puts the SofTouch on the base of the penis. Then the barrel of the pump is pressed against that disc, avoiding problems with pupic hair that may require some clipping when using conventional rings. Getting an air-tight seal seems easier with the cylinder against the SofTouch than against skin, with or without hair. The SofTouch also greatly reduces the risk of the vacuum sucking a testicle up into the cylinder, an event that other listers have reported suffering. It also happened to me once in some early practice with the pump. I can testify to the pain incurred.

As these things seem to want to happen, after I had practiced a while alone with my pump, I finally decided to just demonstrate for my wife what it could do. It was in THAT situation when the testicle got sucked in. I was probably showing off a little too much and not as alert as I should have been. Anyway, she was witness to my agony and there was nothing she dared try doing to help me.

I still don't know how it happened. Since I didn't expect to use what the pump produced I may not have had the SofTouch on at that time.

We do live and learn.


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