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On using a VED...


I had not previously heard of the "hinge effect" but knew immediately what it meant when the subject was first raised here. It was one of the things that made the use of a VED difficult for intercourse.

The erect portion of "ole shorty" (since HT I may change is name to RUNT) in front of the ring was fine but there was no muscular control from behind the ring. This made control during penetration difficult for me. It was also restricted movement and action during the act. In short it worked but it took a lot of the fun away.

About 2.5 years ago a guy (a Brit I think) posted to one of the lists that he had cut an appropriate size hole in a soft circular sink stopper. This was placed over the penis then the pump tube place against it. This was to keep the scrotal tissue from being drawn into the pump. I have made a couple of these and used them with variable success. Sometimes it helps and sometimes it doesn't and sometimes I can't get enough seal to pull the vacuum. I just thought I would mention this while VEDs are being discussed.

Cheers, M
[written 5/26/00 - name deleted]

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