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Using a VED...


Sometimes a doctor or a specialist in erectile dysfunction will provide a sample device so you can try each one before purchasing.

My doctor has loaned me a couple of different VED pumps for testing, and I am expecting a third type very soon.

They are all a little different and your response using one may not be as rewarding as using another.

Some cost as much as $430 and some as little as $120. But somehow I think you get what you pay for.

Do not use the information you read in these various internet discussions as a substitute for a doctor's advice or opinion. The truth is that none of us are qualified to comment on how you will react to anything, but we can comment on our own experience with one device or other, or our own choice of treatments as they reacted or responded within the context of our own bodies.

With that said, I suggest you hightail it to your nearest erectile dysfunction specialist or your personal urologist and get yourself a test run on a caverject injection. This will definitely open up those huge caverns in your penis, and you will have, at last, a moment alone with your long lost friend, to whom you can give a sorely missed hug in the privacy of your doctor's office....they leave you alone for a few minutes.

Be ready for some pain and suffering, but it is a step you need to take. This will tell you if an erection is possible, and if you get one, then it is not too late to try the pump.

My experience so far, is that the pump is no panacea, and is mainly good for exercise and not very good for a social interaction with a living warm blooded female who is expecting some heavy duty penetration. The caverject injection will fill the void in style.

Do not give up on your erection because of something you read in these internet musings. Go out and try what there is on your own. Your body is not exactly like anyone else's. And do not be afraid to make love without an erection. It is almost as good a pleasure to give pleasure as to receive pleasure, and oral sex on a flaccid penis feels as good....well good do it again. Just have to find a female who doesn't mind a good thing in small packages and appreciates that she has nothing to swallow but her own pride.

Well, I have said and done enough harm for one e-mail. Have a nice day.

Jack Talsky
[written 12/02/00 = name used with permission]

[The views expressed are not medical advice but merely the opinions of others. Consult your physician for medical advice.]


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