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On using the SofTouch Seal...


[Lee asked...]

I ordered the Mission SofTouch Constriction Seal and a set of Rings just to see what they looked like etc. Well, I have examined this "Seal" very carefully and this thing has a verrrrrrry small opening in the center. Frankly, I don't see how it could be used. I obviously am missing something. Please explain.

[Charo responded...]


They stretch a lot more than they look like they would.

All constriction rings that I have seen, including the SofTouch, have extremely small looking holes. The smallest diameter "regular" constriction ring that I have, is the same diameter as the SofTouch. But the SofTouch material stretches easier than the regular ring does.

One wouldn't think any of ones that I have seen (including pictures of the Rejoyn brand rings) would go over the penis. But that's what the CONE shaped applicator is for -- to stretch it down over the cone, and down on the applicator sleeve before going onto the penis.

The smallest end of the cone is a diameter of about 1 cm, with the largest end being about 4.4 cm -- I just measured them. Quite a difference in size and a big stretch. They do say to apply a GENEROUS amount of lubricant to the applicator cone and to the inside opening of the SofTouch.

I do not know if other brands of VEDs also come with cone shaped applicators. If they don't, you need to also purchase the "cone applicator" and also the "sleeve" from Mission Pharmacal to use with their SofTouch Constriction Seal.

Another quote: "SofTouch" provides maximum comfort and efficiency. We recommend you use this constriction method first." (as opposed to a regular constriction ring)

I am no expert. That's why my previous post was ALL a quote from the book. It's a whole lot easier to see how it's done, that to read or describe how to do it.

Mission also includes a VHS video tape with their VED, showing a man going through the whole process, including up to a full erection. I suppose if all else fails, one could order the video tape also?

Another hint the book gives for the regular constriction rings is to soak them in hot warm water first.

Happy stretching and pumping.

[written 6/09/00]

[The views expressed are not medical advice but merely the opinions of others. Consult your physician for medical advice.]


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