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On using the SofTouch Seal...


[A man asked...]

The piece that looks like a pancake on the Mission web page must have a center hole and it must be the piece that keeps the scrotum from pulling in. Two questions: (1) Is this piece left on during intercourse? (2) Does it also serve as a constriction ring? In other words, are the constriction rings necessary?

[Charo responded...]
Yes, the one that looks like a pancake or flange, has a hole in the center, that is the SofTouch Seal. It functions like a regular constriction ring and is left on during intercourse. You do not need to use a regular constriction ring with the SofTouch. But you can if you experience a delayed loss of erection or in other words you need a ring that will constrict tighter to keep the blood in the penis.

[written 6/10/00]

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