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On using a VED...


[Here's one that came to me in email]

I didn't have much success using the Osbon pump until I was in the bath one night and decided to give the pump a good clean while I was bathing. I half filled it with hot bath water and decided to try and produce an erection. I was amazed how much difference the hot water made to the erection. I didn't need to use the jelly to produce the airproof seal because the water in the bath provided that. The combination of heat and the pump produced a great erection, almost like old times. I follow that up with an injection of Viridal Duo ( I use a quarter of 10mg) Using this method my love life is back on track.

I have found that since I have been doing this, only two weeks, my incontinence has almost disappeared. My libido is not what it should be but I have made the effort and the size of my penis has improved both length and girth ( I am not bragging) I think we have to remember that the penis is like any other muscle and needs exercise. Give it a try.


[A "Jim" replied]

For Bath/Shower Pumpers: Not all pumps work well with water. Some hand pumps suck water up into the pump mechanism and can corrode them. As someone who uses this technique once told me: "Do it over some plants in your house that need watering."

Don't do this with an electric one; that should go without saying.

The theory is that warm water (warmth in general) helps relax smooth muscle tissue with the result of more blood flow in; better erection. A warm wrap in a washcloth prior to pumping may also give some erectile advantage as well as size recovery for those looking for that.

I've never tried the Bath/Shower thing but will ask the manufacturer of my pump if it will handle this. Certainly a lot less tinkering with lubricants and Vaseline to establish a seal. But I don't have a TV in the shower and would miss the entertainment, which is usually a distraction from what is sometimes a dull VED "exercise."


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