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Personal Experiences


[A woman wrote...]

Post RP 18 months... At times my partner gets an erection (not suitable for intercourse) but does have substance. No luck with Viagra even at highest dose. Has tried MUSE suppositories also at highest dose - inserted at Doc's office. Only head of penis swelled and was painful. Partner considering the injections but very reluctant. How do I support him and encourage him at the same time. Looking for words of wisdom as well as the tried and true ways to ease the discomfort of the thought and actual administering of the drug. Please keep in mind that he has been very reluctant to try anything, he feels as though the erection should occur without aids.

[A wife responded...]

My husband is 18 months post RP also, only had one nerve bundle spared, libido not what it used to be either. He is impotent, only sometimes capable of "chubbies." We are using the bi-mix now. He was just as reluctant as your partner to do anything about the impotence. We had several "talks," usually while taking a walk in the neighborhood or sometimes thru confrontation!

He needs to understand that his erections may never occur without aids following RP surgery. Didn't his doctor explain this to him? I haven't got any words of wisdom. I just kept bringing up the subject, asking my husband questions about how he felt, if there was anything I could do to help him regain his libido, and NEVER gave up on him.

We used oral sex, mainly, to keep our love-life alive. Viagra didn't work, and he hated the pump. He tried Caverject at 6 months and experienced priapism. It took me another 6 months to talk him into trying one of the mixes. The tri-mix still caused aching, so we moved on to a bi-mix. That didn't work sufficiently (wrong strength), so we went back to the Urologist on his last checkup armed with all the information I could find. He gave us a couple of prescriptions to "try out" and told us to call him if we were not successful. Thankfully, the new bi-mix works!

Since the MUSE gave your husband pain, he will probably have the same reaction to Caverject and quite possibly, the tri-mix, since they all contain prostaglandin-E, which causes the aching feeling men experience. No, it is not "natural" to inject oneself in the penis, but it really is not at all painful (according to mine). It just takes some getting used to! If yours decides to try injections, the initial dose will be administered in a doctor's office, and he will be taught how to do the injecting. It will help if you are present during this visit.

Good luck. Keep your lines of communication open with your partner. Let him know that you care for him more than ever now and that you would like to express your care for him in the most intimate way possible.

Take care,
[name deleted]


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