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Personal Experiences


[Someone asked to a list if anyone had used Viagra with injections. Wenday responded, 12/00...]

I don't see the point in combining the two ED treatments. Once the right dosage and technique is found for the injections there would really be no point in adding Viagra also. I would also be afraid that combining the two may result in a painful erection that would not go away for hours. Men who use the injections report that they are able to achieve satisfying erections with them.


[Another wife responded]

My husband tried 50mg Viagra in combination with tri-mix last weekend, and had the best erection he's had since his RP 16 mohths ago. He had been using 150mg Viagra (with his doctor's approval), with unpredictable results. Sometimes it gave him a stuffable erection, but often it didn't do much, with about a 50% erection that deflated too quickly.

We finally went to ED doctor Tom Lue at UCSF, a wonderful man who was able to help my husband overcome his fear of injections. The first injection was ProstoglandinE, but it gave him the infamous ache, and didn't work well.

Next, we tried bi-mix, which didn't work well either, even as we increased the dosage. I say "we" because I've been giving him the injections. Dr. Lue suggested it, and although I don't particularly like doing it, I figure that if my husband is willing to be stuck, I should be willing to do the sticking.

Then we went to tri-mix, which we've used twice so far. The first time didn't work too well, and he felt some aching afterward. When he added the 50mg Viagra to the same dosage of tri-mix, it worked pretty well, with no aching at all.

Dr. Lue feels there is a circulation problem, in addition to some atrophy. He explained that even though he can get blood flowing into his penis, the muscle is not functioning as it should in trapping the blood and keeping it from flowing back out again. Like others have reported, he seems to need gravity to help the situation, and must be upright to maintain an erection.

Please don't tell us to use a VED. I've tried every way I can think of to get him to consider it, but he's not interested. Dr. Lue mentioned it as a possible next step, so perhaps he will try it then.

(name deleted)


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