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Personal Experiences


My ED specialist started me out on tri-mix but at a dosage of .35 cc. I found that this gave me an erection of about an hour and a half but that I also got too much of an "ache" with the tri-mix. He then switched me to Papaverine and I have stabilized without pain at a dosage of about .28-.30 cc. which results in no ache and an erection adequate for satisfactory sex.

I have only used an auto-injector with which I have had no problems. When I push the button on the auto-injector the whole injection is done in less than one second. I think it also has the advantage for me of enabling me to concentrate on making sure I get the injection directed to the corpora cavernosa. Even so, I have missed the corpora cavernosa in two of about thirty tries. In this case I got absolutely no erection.



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