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Personal Experiences


[Someone wrote...]

I'm guessing your "dull pain" was a side effect of the Prostaglandin E - MUSE is the suppository form of Caverject. If you are up to injecting then using a bi-mix (which does NOT use Prostaglandin E) will result in the same positive effects of Caverject/MUSE but none of the "dull pain."

Yes, I began suspecting Prostaglandin E later, after several dose-adjusting trials of Edex, also always painful. That uro just shrugged when I asked for something else.

So, on to uro no. 5. (By this time I was mainly seeing a med onc for PCa).

I specifically requested bimix without PGE1, which he ignored and had 4 trial syringes prepared for me, all with PGE1! Two with 1:1 Papaverine & Alprostadil (PGE1) and two with a trimix. He also gave me a 5-pack of Viagra (50s), which had also not been satisfactory for me. I was to try my Edex once more together with Viagra, next a bimix, then the same bimix + Viagra, then a trimix, and last the same trimix + Viagra. I knew that Edex caused me pain and so did Viagra; so I skipped that step. When I tried his bimix alone, it was by far the most painful such experience I had ever had. I finally fell asleep with an icepack in place. Those other 3 syringes are still in the fridge. Back to uro no. 4 with request for bimix without PGE1, which I got....and no pain!!!! But I'm still working on dosage for a better erection.

In case it might stir up comment to help someone else, or me some day, the bimix I got was Regitine 5mg & Papaverine 30mg. I was to start with .2 or .3 ml and have since tried .4. None of those was enough. But no pain either!

I posted once earlier my instructions to use injections and Viagra together; and someone responded that his uro had warned against that. I chose that uro because he had several years ago talked to our support group. I knew he emphasized penile implants, and I figured such a uro might be more experienced in working with the sort of ED problems that led to implants. I saw him only that one time. There is no real ED specialist in town.



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