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Personal Experiences


[Someone asked to a list about using MUSE. Ralph responded...]

I tried a single of the 125 mcg MUSE and found it insufficient. There was also some dull pain, which I was willing to put up with then in search of something that worked. Then I went through a six-pack of 250mcg with varying but insufficient response. One of those was, oddly, probably the best response I ever got, including dosages 4 times that high. The pain was still there, and by then I knew it was one thing to get some erection while upright, but if I lay down, so did the erection. Then I went for 500mcg. The pain increased but the adequacy of the erection did not. Then I started using two of the 500s at a time. I finally gave up. Out of curiosity, I just now checked two partial boxes of 500s in the back of the fridge. One box says expires 5/98 and the other 6/98. It's been a while since I last tried.

The need to be upright may be somewhat less a challenge for the more nimble among you; and about that time one lister very generously suggested some positions that might work for us. My wife's two replaced knees and one replaced hip are not up to much acrobatics or contortions though.

As a result of EBRT in late '94, I had lost a good bit of feeling, i.e. the pleasurable feeling from touch that one expects. What little there was was in a small area or band at just about the distance back that the applicator plants the pellet. So the pain was also centered around there, overpowering any pleasant feeling there might have been. Part of the instructions say, that after planting the pellet, to roll the penis between your hands for at least 10 seconds, and if you feel a burning sensation to keep rolling for an additional 30 to 60 seconds or until the burning subsides. I never reached that point, in spite of a lot of extra rolling. One variation that I tried on my own may have helped a little. Before starting the rolling, I would with my thumb stroke downward on the underside of the penis with the intention of spreading the pellet over a greater length of the urethra before doing the rolling which must have smeared it better over the walls of the urethra and spread it out still more.

Since this is a pretty negative report, I'll toss in possible encouragement for some. I once assumed that the accumulating negative effects of EBRT would only get worse. The loss of feeling mentioned above set in within a few months and was near total for a long time. Within the past year there has been much appreciated improvement on that; and I really didn't do anything except keep trying. Don't give up!



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