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Personal Experiences


[Posted to newsgroup 3/1/01.]

Yesterday, Feb 28th, I had my first Tri-Mix injection in the uro's office.

Physician assistant (PA) spent about 15 min going over a four page instructions hand-out. Some highlights:

1. Wait 3 days between injections

2. do not inject more than 8 times/month

3. my initial dose would be 0.25 cc. Increase dose by 0.05 cc until a satisfactory dose is found. Do not exceed 0.50 cc.

4. return office visit after a month to check for scarring at injection sites. You are also requested to bring your worksheet showing date, dose and site injected.

5. if your erection lasts longer than 1 1/2 hours . . . you can take 120 mg Sudafed, apply and ice pack and wait another hour. If erection persists, go to an emergency room, if the time is past time of Urology Dept's business hours.

6. I was given a wallet size card for ER personnel: ''Instructions for treating a Prolonged erection (Physician Only).''

7. Preparing the syringe 29 g x 1/2''

8. Select and prepare the site for injection - proper location for injection is at the 9-11 and 1-3 o'clock positions, between the base and the midportion of the cock. Good diagram with cross section of the cock.

9. Grasp and pull the head of the cock toward the side of your leg with the index finger and a site...clean with alcohol pad...with steady and continuous motion penetrate the skin with the needle at a 90 degree angle...advancing to hub of needle...inject Tri-Mix over approxamately 4 seconds.

The reality...

Pushing the needle in was very easy. I guess because of the spongy nature of the Corpus cavernosum in the flaccid state. So I injected 0.25cc at 9 o'clock position.

I mentioned to the PA that some men posting here rolled their cock in their palms after injection. PA said they recommend just ''standing up'' as blood falls due to gravity . Stand up and walk a little.

He asked if I liked magazines. Have any guy magazines? Nope, thanks, don't need any. With that he left the room. (Later I mentioned that next time I came, I would bring him some guy mags. Who knows? If they were out, some of their clients might want them. But may not want to request them. He agreed. [g]).

He had not been gone for more than 2 min when my erection came up: 80-90%. Erection was perpendicular to my body. Cock was rigid but not making skin real tight. Guess that mmay come with more overt stimulation and body contact etc.

He kept checking on me every 10 min. He wanted to ascertain that my cock was going to go down. It was at end of the day. I had just gone through ultrasound guided prostate biopsy, so I was tired.

He was not going to let me leave with an erection, so he injected my cock with ca.0.7cc phenylepherine. That brought my cock down sufficiently that I could piss. A good sign, so I paid and left. My cock was still 40-50% erect for a couple of hours.

After reading many posts here [on] on the subject, I felt like the procedure would be easy but had no idea how simple if was. Many man fear sticking their cocks with a needle. The needle is ''sooo tiny'' and the volume you're injecting is quite small.

That the PA was not about to let me leave with an erection, was for me ''very good practice'' of medicine.

This was a little pricy. My insurance does not cover ED related procedures so the doc/PA fee was $72: Injection of Corpora Cavernosa with Pharmacologic Agents...$249...PAP/Phen/PG 0.25 ml...$5 for a total of $326.

PA brought me scripts for Tri-Mix and syringes.I asked him to call them in. They use Scurlock Pharmacy in Scurlock Tower (Medical center - Houston). I'm going to call him early this morning and leave msg on his answering machine to ask if they write off any of the $326 charge and I want to have Rx filled by Gulf South Pharmacy. Intuitively I think their prices will be lower.

In the evening I was reflecting with a restored ''erectile confidence'' that I had lost. Not that I have an abundance of potential sexual partners, but with my very positive experience with Tri-Mix I think I will be more agressive pursuing sexual partners.

When Tri-Mix/syringes arrive, I will reduce dose, given my excellent response at 0.25cc. The 0.20cc dose will probably be adequate or even 0.175cc.

Just my experiences and thoughts.

OR eon


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