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Personal Experiences


Hi Robert:

Haven't been keeping up with my correspondence much lately but I noted your discussion with the pump and viagra.

My RP was August 1999 - 10.5 months ago.

Since some people maintain that nocturnal erections are necessary or at least very helpful for regular erections (New York TImes Magazine February 20, 2000) I take .5 mg Viagra at night maybe three nights a week when going to bed. This seems to restore the blood to the penis and I get enormous erections seemingly for hours. Very pleasant feeling even if I do lose some sleep.

I get some erections, since February, with no assistance but have not attemted intercourse without medication. Sometimes the erections last 2 mins and sometimes 15. They can go down very fast if something is bothering me. Erections via Viagra are getting better by the day.

For reliable sex and hours upon hours (LOL) of fantastic erections I have been using tri-mix and alprostadil/caverject as injections. I have never used the pump. The injections are no problem and painless for me.

When I asked my ED specialist if I should have a pump he said "no." He maintains and backed up by a number of articles I have read that those who use the injections have a greater chance of a more rapid recovery. This is good for those of us who can tolerate injections. I underatand and appreciate however that many men have no option but use the pump.

While to me my penis seems smaller then before the RP when flacid it definitely is not when erect. Geeze I wish I had measured it pre-op when it was flacid - then I would know!

Caverject is great for travelling before it is mixed. I also carry any mixed caverject as well as any tri-mixes or pre-mixed alprostadil in one of those little squatty soup thermos bottles, packed with ice with any vials included. I spend about 6 - 8 weeks a year in Mexico sometimes for days with no refrigeration available and use that method with no problem at all.

In order to be discrete I often fill my syrnge ahead of time and keep it in the refrigerator or with an ice pak in a cosmetic bag if I am travelling. I am pretty careless about no refrigeration sometimes and I find that as long as it is not next to the body, 12 hours out of refrigerations does not have any noticeable effect on the potentcy of the drug.



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