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Several men & women make::


[These are peronal experiences and opinions. They should not replace medical or professional advice. They are provided so you can better discuss these issues with your physician.]

From JK:

I was involved in a clinic that dealt with erectile dysfunction in New Jersey. We used the Owen Munford injector exclusively. Our patients were very happy. We used the BD insulin 9mm needle. We used the PGE1 or prostaglandin and had excellant results, almost 100%.

From HS:

I use an B-D [Becton Dickson] Automatic Injector which fits 1cc, 1/2cc and 3/10cc B-D single-use insulin syringes. The registered trademark is "INJECT-EASE," a trademark of Paico Laboratories.

I use Prostagladin injections which are perscribed by my uro. I find the Auto-Injector a great success, painless and quick. This one will not fit the syringes supplied with the Caverject perscription, (at least not the ones supplied in Australia).

From RF:

I use the Peninject for Caverject. I like it. No pain -- quick and fast. Thanks Robert we need to get the word out on these -- the Docs do not promote them but they sure make life a lot easier for us warriors.

From RR:

I have used the Autoject for a year now and am completely satisfied. It was provided (sold) to me from the office of the ED specialist. I did the first injection myself with it in his office and have found it easy to use.

From a Wife:

My husband uses an auto-injector and tries to rotate sites. Twice now he feels the needle goes too deep on one side as after injection he has bright blood coming from the urethra when he urinates after injection. also we have had 2 times now that he has done the injection, always with the same dosage and there has only been a minimal erection. Again is it the site or what. Any suggestions. Other wise the injections are wonderful! Do not know for sure how long erections last maybe 2+ hours as he falls asleep. His size seems larger to me, and I love the sustaining part.

He did mention that me is feeling some of the numbness starting to subside and more sensitivity in general. (He is 6 months post op). Orgasms are there but sometime vary in intensity.

From PW:

I'll relay my personnel -- anecdotal ..... 7 years of injections. Tri-mix. Small quantity. Vary the site and immediately after injection roll the soft penis between the palms with a little pressure. This appears to distribute the medication. My start at Peyronie's has not continued.


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