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Low blood counts are not the only cause of shortness of breath. Prostate cancer may metastasize to the lungs and other organs or soft tissue. Shortness of breath may be a symptom of the spread of cancer to the lungs. If so, ask your doctor about treatments and your prognosis.
        Shortness of breath, accompanied by pain, may indicate that bone lesions on the underside of the ribs are irritating the lungs or that a rib has broken.

Palliative measures
        Anti-inflammatory drugs, such as ibuprofen, may reduce pain caused by a rib lesion or a broken rib. Check with your doctor before using any drugs.
        Home oxygen can be used to decrease the feeling of breathlessness. If the shortness of breath is severe and limits your ability to go out, portable oxygen tanks are available.
        Breathlessness should trigger questions to your doctor about prognosis, treatments, and measures to improve your comfort.

Lifestyle considerations
        Any change in ability to breathe is going to affect your lifestyle. It may mean using a wheelchair, walking shorter distances or resting more. Portable tanks can be used when going out and oxygen concentrators can be used at home. These come with long tubing so that your freedom to move about is not limited. Blood transfusions may also help reduce shortness of breath.
        Again, public image may affect your decision. As you will so many times, you must weigh the importance of what you want to do against the importance of appearances. Many people walk tall and have fun, even with an oxygen tank in tow.

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