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You may notice that your doctor checks your calves and feet when examining you. S/he is looking for fluid retention. If pressing the skin moderately leaves a mark that fades slowly, you may be retaining fluid normally processed by the lymph nodes. Cancer cells may collect in the pelvic lymph nodes, causing temporary or longer-term blockage of the flow of lymphatic fluid. The blockage may eventually cause swelling, pain and difficulty walking.
        If the scrotum swells, the testicles may be forced up into the body where they are not easily felt. The enlarged
scrotum may cause discomfort. The lower abdomen may swell and appear bloated.
        Lymph nodes in the neck or other parts of the body may also become swollen and painful.
        Swelling may also be caused by urinary retention, which can result from bladder or kidney damage. The onset of urinary retention can look like edema. If swelling continues despite treatment for edema, ask for a creatinine test. High creatinine levels are indicative of urinary retention. Treatment may include a catheter to release backed up urine.

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