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CHOICES - page 15
       The need for caution will affect both you and your family. For example, your caregiver may become overly cautious and worry about any activity you undertake. Or, you may become so careful that you limit your activities more than necessary.
       Some men find it hard to accept a new, limited way of life. They may choose to continue now risky activities. That, too, is a decision that will affect the caregiver as well as the person with cancer.
       You or your caregiver may become resentful of the shift in responsibilities. Talk about the changes and mutually decide how they can be handled to avoid resentment, overburdening your caregiver, excessive caution, or risk-taking that creates worry and stress. Talking about the problems may help you think of creative solutions.
       New approaches to old tasks may help. Breaking jobs down into smaller parts may reduce physical strain. Instead of lugging one heavy can of garbage to the curb, maybe the trash should be split between two containers so the strain is less.
       Instead of fishing where access to the river is steep with bad footing, find a new place with easier access, and take a walking stick to steady yourself.
       You, your family, and your doctor should discuss reasonable limitations and new approaches to tasks so you can have an active and enjoyable life as long as possible.
       It is very important that you maintain as much mobility as possible. Don't allow someone else to do tasks you can safely and painlessly do your- self. You may not be able to lift the garbage cans, but you can get up to let the cat out.

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