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The Humor & Laughter Menu

Laughing At The Disease
humor for and by people with cancer
drawing of a turkey with glasses and moustache and holding a card that says r x, meaning for prescriptions button How I Started Laughing
    Merely as an example, this is the cancer "joke" that got your Webmaster to laugh for the first time, plus some of the jokes that followed.

button The HAH (Humor And Healing) List
    Although created for the PCa community, humor is very generic. Link takes you to their Web site for more information and sign-up.

button The World According to Squarf
    For an irreverent view, Lorenzo Q. Squarf has a site to visit. You have been warned.

button Rick Masten's Words & One-Liners
    Story-teller, writer and poet, Rick has devoted a section of his Web site to his experiences with prostate cancer. Selections range from poetry to essays to his own cancer digest.

button Scott Burton's Inconvenience Productions
    A talented juggler and comedian who was diagnosed with bone cancer has devoted a good portion of his site to "humor therapy" with considerable material. Link takes you to the Web site.

button The Testicular Cancer Humor Page
    Lots of cartoons, jokes and anecdotes at the best TC site on the Web, proving real men know how to laugh. Link takes you to the Web site.

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