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This is one of several essays from my private cancer journal. It is not intended as anything than a record of my states of mind as I struggled with the disease and the effects of the treatment.

Notes From That Wilder Shore:

Comparing The Bone Scans

of January 11, 2001 and October 17, 2001

This accompanies entry of 10/17/01

These scans of the films were run through Adobe PhotoShop. I cropped off the legs, brought the images down in size and them optimized to reduce load time. (Without that, it would have taken several minutes to load.)

While I tried to make them as close to the film as possible, discrepancies are mine. The lessening of the mets was verified by the doctor who has been in nuclear radiation for decades.

Each film gives a view from the anterior (front) and posterior (back) and two versions of each, at very different contrasts, to better see the smaller dark areas. I selected only one posterior shot from each year. Not all mets are marked.

The bladder is darkened because the Quadramet collects there before urination. Arthritis may also register in a bone scan.

January 2001                           October 2001

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