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cover of book Men, Women, and Prostate Cancer Men, Women, and Prostate Cancer
by Barbara Ruin Wainrib, EdD, Sandra Haber, PhD, with Jack Maguire

[Items with * are their topics at the start of each chapter.]

1 The Healing Partnership
    * Prostate cancer's special impact on men
    * The critical role of the caregiver
    * The effect of prostate cancer on relationships
    * Healing versus curing

2 Why and How Prostate Cancer Develops
    * The purpose and function of the gland
    * Common noncancerous prostate disorders
    * Factors that may cause prostate cancer
    * Prostate cancer's stages of growth

3 Detection and Diagnosis
    * Physical symptoms that may be caused by prostate cancer
    * Questions to ask your doctor about testing
    * Common diagnostic tests performed to verify prostate cancer and its extent

4 Dealing with the Diagnosis: Practical Matters
    * How to start gathering and evaluating information
    * How to question the doctor about the diagnosis
    * How to determine if the doctor is right for the patient
    * How to inform others about the diagnosis

5 Dealing with the Diagnosis: Emotional Issues
    * How patients react emotionally to a diagnosis
    * How caregivers react emotionally to a diagnosis
    * How to set up an effective support system among family members and friends
    * Coping strategies: improving caregiver-partner communication, keeping a journal, breathing for relaxation

6 Choosing among Treatment Options
    * Guidelines for making treatment decisions
    * Descriptions and comparisons of the major treatments for prostate cancer

7 Considering Alternative Medicine
    * What alternative medicine is and isn't
    * Understanding the differences between alternative and complementary medicine
    * How to think about alternative possibilities
    * How to question your doctor about alternative medicine

8 Living through the Treatment Process
    * Putting practical affairs in order
    * Dealing with family, friends, and the medical team
    * Maintaining a healthy lifestyle
    * What to expect regarding specific therapies
    * Handling fear, loneliness, and emotional exhaustion

9 After Treatment: Sex, Continence, and Peace of Mind
    * Coping with impotence and other sex-related problems
    * Choosing and enjoying artificial procedures and devices for achieving erection
    * Managing and overcoming incontinence
    * Dealing with uncertainty and depression

10 Back to Your Future
    * Renewing your postcrisis life
    * Starting or joining a support group
    * Advocating for research, detection and treatment
    * Resources for patients and their partners
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