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cover of My Prostate and Me by William Martin

photo of William Martin
About the book:

My Prostate and Me
by William Martin

William Martin's book is one of the first PCa patient-written perspectives and remains as one of the most popular. Who else can claim reviews by Bob Dole and Jerry Lewis or spots on 60 Minutes and a dozen other shows?

Fist published in 1994, My Prostate and Me is more than his own story because of the research he did before settling on Dr. Peter Scardino, one of the foremost prostate cancer surgeons in the world.. Chapter 5, for example, titled "St. Patrick" for Dr. Patrick Walsh, relates not only William's interest in that famous surgeon but information about the technique before a trip to MD Anderson down in Texas.

Dr. Scardino also wrote a 30-page afterword for the book.

In short, My Prostate and Me has long been recognized as a valuable primer on what men go through as they select their treatment.

Chapter 8 "Surgery" was selected for inclusion at Phoenix5 to relate his own preparations, right up to the good news as he awakens.

William Martin is still doing well. In a note with the book, he said he is considering an update "also to let folks know I still think I made the right decision."

The book is 248 pages. No index. No illustrations. Suggested retail price $17.95.

It can be ordered through his Web site for $12.50 plus shipping.

Published by Cadell & Davies, 575 Madison Avenue, New York City.

ISBN: 1-56977-888-4

William Martin can be reached at


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