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cover of book My Prosate and Me by William Martin

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A selection from
My Prostate and Me
by William Martin



The last ten days before surgery passed swiftly. Predictably, I continued my reading about prostate cancer, taking special comfort in articles commending the surgical option, much as a new car owner enjoys reading positive stories about the brand and model he has just purchased. Dr. Scardino and the urology department's Senior Medical Editor, Carolyn Schum, a friend from another era whom I had not seen in years, helped by loading me down with the latest books and articles on the subject. They also urged me to con- tact Richard Howe, a former president of Pennzoil who underwent a successful prostatectomy in 1991 and has since devoted an enormous amount of time to promoting awareness of the disease and providing support to those who have it, and working closely with US TOO, the International Prostate Cancer Support Group. During several conversations, Dick gave me a detailed account of what I could expect in the hospital, things I needed to make sure the nurses attended to, and how soon I could expect to be back on my feet.

On the first weekend in November, Patricia and

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