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Lovin' Ain't Over
by Ralph & Barbara Alterowitz

(Taken from the book)

This forthright and clearly written guide, written by a prostate cancer survivor ana his partner, will help men and their partners understand what affects sexual function and how to fix what is in need of repair. — Stephen B. Strum, M.D., prostate oncologist and director. Prostate Cancer Research Institute

A straightforward and practical book offering cancer survivors and their partners a way to begin again after cancer. — Jane Reese-Coulbourne, consultant and former executive vice president. National Breast Cancer Coalition

The Lovin' Ain't Over aims a bright light at a very dark corner of the literature available to prostate patients. Existing books focus on the physical consequences of each treatment choice. This book deals most effectively with feelings and what individuals and couples can do about them. A ''must read'' for both survivors of, and people choosing a treatment plan for, prostate cancer. — Jess Rifkind, management consultant and survivor

Excellent Advice! Unquestionably helps prostate cancer patients and survivors. — Charles Troshinsky, M.D., psychiatrist and survivor

[This book] should be most helpful to many couples involved with this dreadful disease. I particularly like the upbeat tone. — Walter Schiff, retired IBM executive and survivor

As a prostate cancer survivor who has been affected by the side effects of radiation, I believe the Alterowitzes have made a significant contribution to our problems of erectile dysfunction. The Lovin' Ain't Over is outstanding, well-written, and should be read by all men and women. — James Lewis, Jr., Ph.D., executive director, Education Center for Prostate Cancer Patients, and best-selling author of prostate cancer books

Practical advice that applies to all relationships, not just to prostate patients. Presented candidly, but in a way that doesn't make me feel that I have to read it under the covers with a flashlight. — Bill Cusack, prostate cancer activist

— very hopeful, very honest, not annoyingly full of platitudes and happyspeak. — Donna Rifkind, book reviewer. Wall Street Journal, Baltimore Sun, and Washington Post


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