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photo of Ralph and Barbara Alterowitz About:

Ralph & Barbara Alterowitz
Authors of The Lovin' Ain't Over

(Taken from the book)

Separately and together, Barbara and Ralph Alterowitz have worked with support groups and counseled prostate cancer patients and survivors and their partners on coping with the diagnosis, treatment, and aftereffects of prostate cancer. Finding that there was a big information gap when dealing with impotence, Barbara and Ralph overcame their natural reluctance to discuss sexuality in public. Since 1997, they have teamed up to educate couples on how to reestablish intimacy, loving, and communication when faced with the effects of prostate disease and treatment. During this period, they have talked to hundreds of individuals and couples about sexuality and prostate disease.

Ralph is a prostate cancer survivor and activist. He was the founding vice-chair and a former director of the National Prostate Cancer Coalition (NPCC) and a founder and president of the Education Center for Prostate Cancer Patients (ECPCP).

Ralph brings to this topic a background that includes more than 20 years of medical experience, e.g. the delivery of health care in the field, the design and implementation of high-tech medical systems, and health care studies. Currently, he is president of Venture Tech Corporation, an international consulting practice specializing in business start-ups and the creation of technology partnerships, with a focus on the health care industry. He is also an author, educator, and speaker on the subject of entrepreneurship and venturing.

Barbara's professional background includes sales and marketing of technology products and services, research into new business start-up models and corporate leveraging through business alliances. In her ''day job,'' Barbara is a marketing executive with a major high-tech company.

Barbara and Ralph have been happily married for 16 years.


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