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Cincinnati Mayor's Proclamation
Prostate Cancer Awareness Month

(See photo of presentation by clicking here.)


City of Cincinnati
Be It Proclaimed:

      Whereas, prostate cancer is the most commonly diagnosed form of cancer and the second leading cause of cancer-related death among men; and,

      Whereas, nationally,the number of deaths from possible prostate cancer has more than doubled over the past 30 years, killing 15,173 men in 1962 and an estimated 31,900 in the year 2000; and,

      Whereas, approximately 25 percent of prostate cancer occurs in men under the age of 65, during their prime years at work; and,

      Whereas, at any age, deaths due to prostate cancer devastates, families, through loss of income, partnership and support; and,

      Whereas, prostate cancer has accounted for, on average, 15 percent of the nation's cancer burden and 15 percent of male cancer deaths; and,

      Whereas, research suggests that men could reduce their risk of prostate cancer mortality if they followed recommended prostate cancer screening guidelines, including examination by a health care provider; and,

      Whereas, increased awareness and use of early detection practices by men is essential to controlling prostate cancer,

Now, Therefore, I, Charlie Luken,
Mayor of the City of Cincinnati do hereby proclaim
September, 2000 as

"Prostate Cancer Awareness

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and caused this seal of the City of Cincinnati to be affixed this 31st day of August in the year Two Thousand.
luken's signature
copy of proclamation by Cincinnati mayor

Click here to send the Mayor of Cincinnati Charlie Luken an email to thank him.
Ohio's Governor also declares Prostate Cancer Awareness Month. Click here to see that proclamation.

Proclamations like these just don't "happen." Cincinnati resident Dr. David Greenburg took the initiative and contacted the Mayor's office, working with material from Donna Pogliano. She got the pack from Rick Ward who will will help you. And do write Mayor Charlie Luken to thank him. Meanwhile we're going for some media to spread the word — and save some lives. That's what this is all about.

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